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Information for Forms Error Code FRM-92490: Unable to fetch applet pmeters from server.
Oracle® Forms Error FRM-924902/14

FRM-92490: Unable to fetch applet pmeters from server.

Cause: An Oracle Forms Standalone Application was attempting to get the applet pmeters from server but an error occurred.
It may fail due to following reasons:
1. Server has returned an error code.
2. Communication error.

Action: Ensure the following:
1. Check the URL.
2. formsweb.cfg must have the pmeter baseSAAfile defined.
3. Config section name provided in the URL should be able to reach where baseSAAfile pmeter is defined in formsweb.cfg.
4. Check network connectivity.
5. Change timeout value.

Level: 99

Trigger: None

Appears: Java console

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